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NUSROH is for a simple and classy woman if you are the type that doesn’t like to show your shape at all this is a perfect outfit for you.



BUSROH is that beautiful shirt dress you can wear during this sallah to receive visitors during this eid celebration, it’s a go-to outfit for simple hangout as well. It’s available in Grey and Red colors


UMAIZA is a synergy of the finest patterned organza and crepe with a dash of dazzling gold and silver. It is available in sleeved and sleeveless.


Made with patterned chiffon and plain black crepe.THARA is the perfect outfit for that beach outing you want to look stylish and beautiful and at the same time cover-up. Thara is perfect for that.



Made with plain Arabian crepe and patterned crepe. TISHA is perfect for the beautiful modern Muslima, it gives you a little beat of everything. An outfit for all occasions.